Highland FFA

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Mr. Davidson

I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. I moved to the US twice. The first time was with my mother. The second time was to finish College. While in Scotland, I attended the Scottish Agriculture College where I got my HNC (Higher National Certificate) in Agriculture. After getting my HNC, I attended a few Junior Colleges. I finished my College at Fresno State where I received my Bachelors in Agriculture Science. I first got interested in becoming an agricultural teacher while I was in the FFA(Future Farmers of America). I like to play Tennis and Soccer in my spare time. I also enjoy photography, traveling, and experiencing new cultures.


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Mr. Leishman

Why am I an Ag teacher? Well that is a loaded question, that answer has so many variables in it, that it would be near impossible for me to write it in this small space. It is like saying “I am who I am because of my Mom” but that is only partly true because if it were not for your father, than you would cease to be. And so it is with why I became an Ag teacher. I will highlight some(a very few factors) that made me want to pursue this lifestyle and career.

Growing up in a small town there was nothing ever to do… except get into trouble. So, FFA kept me so busy I did not have time to associate with my “friends” in a less than desirable atmosphere. That being said, I truly enjoyed my time at all the FFA events I went to. It helped shape me into the person I am today. I remember looking at my Ag teacher and thinking that she was having fun and enjoying herself and that the job/career I choose I wanted to enjoy it.- this spiked my appreciation for FFA and a commitment to it, whether it was going to be my career or not.

As a Junior in high school, we did a traveling farm where we explained Ag to elementary students(like a traveling Fall Harvest). It was here that I got to experience firsthand how it feels to control how much fun a student is having and I noticed that there were different levels of engagement. I thought that I could do a really good job at it engaging students and that I might want to be a teacher. But my first love and passion was animals, so I stayed on track to be a Veterinarian. As I grew, so did my perspective. I found that I wanted to leave my mark on the world, that I wanted my life to matter, I wanted to leave a legacy. I thought about the people who had an effect on my life and how it helped shape me into who I am today. All those people had one thing in common that they did, they cared enough to teach me. No, they were not all teachers and I do not think they may have known they were teaching me, but I learned nonetheless.

When I think back at my education and think of all the educators, I do not remember the information I learned, I remember the experiences I had and the feelings I felt. It is my hope that I can be the facilitator of learning, but more so make the educational experience one of joy and excitement. There are two ways to get to a child's heart, critters and food. Agriculture, the thing that sustains the mightiest nations, happens to have both, so that is what I teach. The best subject, taught to the best students, by an AWESOME teacher.

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Ms. Rodriguez

I am a first generation Mexican-American from Fresno who totally stole an address to attend Clovis East High School. That first part is a secret between you and me! Growing up my family made just enough money to make ends meet and traveling outside the city was a real treat for my brother and me. Towards the end of middle school, my future Ag teacher visited my class and spoke of an organization that was geared towards helping young men and women towards becoming confident leaders for the world of tomorrow. 


He also mentioned free trips around California and I knew I wanted to join then and there. The idea of becoming an Ag Teacher didn’t fully come to fruition until I was applying for California State University, Fresno my senior year in high school. Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve was a way of life that was engrained from my journey with the FFA and I knew I wanted to share this experience with others. 

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